Keys to Effective Debt Collection

unsecured consumer debts

Often collecting on a judgment can be much more difficult than the process of obtaining a judgment.  Our office has been practicing extensively in collection law for several years. More specifically, our firm focuses on unsecured consumer debts of all types.  We practice throughout the entire state of Nevada.  Through time and dedication we have established close working relationships with other collection professionals and companies throughout the state to help accommodate the needs of our clients.  Our ongoing collection case load has also allowed us to develop great working relationships with civil judges, clerks, court personal, civil sheriffs, and runner services throughout Nevada.  We provide effective and efficient collection services at industry standard contingency fees based on monies collected.  However, we do require hard court costs to be advanced by the client.  We also entertain other fee structures, including flat-fee and hybrid contingency fee, based on the situation.  Please contact our office for a personalized quote and consultation.

Our firm is also an active member of the ACA International, the preeminent national Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  Membership in this exclusive organization provides our office with additional resources and information to stay abreast of the everchanging collection landscape.

Collection Lawyer Services:

Our firm handles all aspects of creditor side legal collections.  Our collection services include, but are not limited to:

> Pre-Litigation Collection Demands;

> Lawsuits:  Summons and Complaint through Judgment for debts, including: 
          >  Medical Bills;
          >  Consumer Service Accounts;
          >  Installment Agreements;
          >  Credit Card Debts;
          >  Commercial Obligations;
          >  Auto Deficiencies;
          > Breach of Contracts;
          > Payday Loans;

Judgment Execution Services:

          >   Wage Garnishment Services; 
          >   Bank Levies; 
          >   Settlement Agreements; 
          >   Assignment of Judgments;
          >   Judgment Lien Services;
          >   Judgment Domestication.

Creditor's Rights Attorney Services:

Commercial Collection Agency Association
The Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA) is part of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). The CLLA founded in 1895 is the nation’s oldest creditors’ rights organization. The CCAA oversees the CLLA Collection Agency Certification Program, whose objective is to serve the business credit grantor. The CCAA works to elevate the standards of the commercial collections industry by providing educational, legislative, promotional and administrative services to its members.

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