Feeling Guilty

To any and all subscribers and viewers that are interested in the niche area that my legal practice serves:

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven't posted a new blog article in the past few weeks.  Rest assured, I have been busy practicing law in addition to drafting new material that, I feel, is of value and interest.  Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be asked to publish a few guest blog articles for different renown industry organizations.  As such, I have been busy drafting and refining my proposed articles in hopes of reaching a larger audience that will eventually make its way to this, very, blog.

In closing, I appreciate the ongoing opportunity to express my opinions and experiences through blogging.  I find the experience to be enjoyable and rewarding on many levels.  The process of drafting a detailed article will often be remunerated as an improvement in a process within my legal practice.  It is rare to find a time intensive interest, like blogging, that actually increases work productivity and efficiency.  For which, I am grateful.  


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